Furniture in the apartment

The apartments are rented part-furnished. This means that each apartment comes with the furniture and appliances that are listed by the respective apartment.

  • The apartments are generally rented with a fully equipped kitchen, including a refrigerator, a cooker with an oven and a dishwasher.
  • The bathroom comes with a washer and bathroom furnishings.
  • A bath is available in the apartments that have a bathtub shown on the plan.
  • There is a large, built-in wardrobe in the bedroom and in the hallway.
  • The apartment has all the necessary light fixtures.
  • There is a curtain rails


Here are some examples of things that the apartment does not come with:

  • sofa, television set, dining table, kettle, bed and bed linen, dishes and other such items, which are not listed for that specific apartment.